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Newseum / Freedom Forum Headquarters

This multi-use building has three principal parts: a museum dedicated to journalism and free speech, which is intended to be a visually and intellectually accessible stage for the public to view, learn about and interact with the process of news making, offices for the Freedom Forum Foundation, and residences. The guiding principles of the Freedom Forum – free press, free speech and free spirit for all people – and the site – midway between the capitol and the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue – were generators of the design concept for the Museum. A 5-story atrium organizes the Museum experience. Used for public ceremonies and celebrations, this volume serves as the foyer for the Forum, the primary public assembly space and central circulation core. Visitors circulate around and through this volume, constantly interacting with the building, its exhibits and with other museum-goers.

Newseum / Freedom Forum Headquarters

Washington, DC


Design Partner

James S. Polshek

Management Partner

Joeseph Fleischer


Jeff Goldberg