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The New York Times Printing Plant

Like a giant billboard, The New York Times Printing Plant is immediately legible: dynamic volumes, saturated colors, supergraphics and uncommonly employed materials dramatize the newspaper’s entry into the age of automated color printing. The site is in a bleak industrial area adjacent a major six-lane expressway and an airport; the new building is highly visible to thousands of passing motorists and air travelers each day – a palette of intensely saturated colors reinforcing the massing strategy and enlivening the long highway façade. The result of an intense collaboration among the client, the design architect, engineering firms and the construction manager, the design recomposes the typical industrial shed into a series of dynamic building forms. Defined by the machinery within, distinct volumes, which express the paper storage, printing, sorting and distribution elements of the program, are arranged to maximize efficiency of operation, organize the vast site and optimize views from the outside to the printing presses within.

The New York Times Printing Plant

College Point, New York
515,000 square feet 


Design Partners
Richard Olcott, James S. Polshek

Management Partner
Joseph Fleischer

Jeff Goldberg