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Teijin Textile Institute

A companion building to the polymer research building, this Institute was intended to showcase product development. It is both a pilot plant to study weaving technology (ground and second floors) and a design research laboratory (third level). Siting responded to context, including a fifth-century tomb and a sacred pine tree. Organized symmetrically around seven traditionally-landscaped courtyards designed by the architect, which provide light and air as well as areas for quiet contemplation, the design places the vast experimental production plant at grade with research, design and testing facilities, executive offices and public spaces above. Access is by a formal vehicular entry up to the north lobby and via a circular stone podium (emergency water storage tank) leading to a cafeteria on the south from outdoor recreational areas. Four cylindrical towers serve as workers’ entries and emergency egress.

Teijin Textile Institute

Ibaraki, Kansai, Japan

600,000 square feet 


Design Partners
James S. Polshek